octubre 2016

Heridas y reparación de tendones en animales de compañía.

Tendon Injury and Repair

S.T. Kudnig

Publisher: Teton NewMedia, Jackson, WY, USA ( Internet Publisher: International Veterinary Information Service, Ithaca NY (, Last updated: 29-Sep-2016; A56111.0916

 Melbourne Veterinary Referral Centre, Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia.

Function of Tendons
Tendons are a vital component of the locomotor system and are a vital link between muscle and bone. Tendon function includes the transfer of force developed by muscles, joint movement, limb support, gliding motion, and the storage and release of energy. Tendons do not possess contractile elements; however, their elasticity may serve to attenuate sudden forces, thereby protecting the associated muscle, and to enable a final velocity of movement to be attained that is greater than that of the contracting muscle [1]. Muscles possess a tendon attachment whenever their point of insertion is distant or when the muscle must exert its forces of contraction across a joint. Tendons are highly resistant to extension but are relatively flexible and, therefore, can be angulated around bones or a joint.

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