abril 2017

Revista: Zoo’s Print.


Vol. XXXII | No. 2 | February 2017
ISSN  0971-6378 (Print)
0973-2543 (Online)
Date of publication 21 February 2017

We hope you like the new cover avatar — it is all about change and being communicative
for the benefit of science, in our case for wildlife science!  We aim to be motivators of
change — to make citizens fall in love with the natural world and its wonders.
Participate, comment, like us on FaceBook, check out our sites, write for our blog
and Zoo’s Print, and generally make this publication truly yours and everybody’s
to proudly promote conservation in South Asia.
Also remember to spread this magazine far and wide, get your local schools and
your children to participate, and promote us on your networks.  Importantly,
also remember all of this is a labour of love with no support.  So, your financial
contributions will help us survive and provide more to promote conservation.
Check out the ‘Donate’ button on the site and do your bit.  Thank you! and a
Happy New Year!

Sally Walker and Sanjay Molur
Editors, Zoo’s Print