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N° 381
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julio 2019

Acceso a la Biblioteca Electrónica del Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva. Argentina.

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AGROPOST N° 161. Impactos ambientales en la producción agropecuaria.Efecto del ambiente en animales de producción.Producción Orgánica ExtensivaEnfoques y Aportes para un nuevo paradigma en la producción de alimentos. Consulta en línea

BILOGICAL CONTROL N° 136. Comparison of thermal performances of two Asian larval parasitoids of Drosophila suzukii.
CIENCIA RURAL Vol. 49 N°6. Green propolis ethanolic extract in bean plant protection against bacterial diseases. Consulta en línea
CROP PROTECTION n° 124. Evaluation of hop (Humulus lupulus) as a repellent for the management of Drosophila suzukii.

EFSA JOURNAL Vol.17 N° 6. Safety assessment of the substance, titanium dioxide surface treated with fluoride-modified alumina, for use in food contact materials.
EMERGING INFECTIOUS DESEASES Vol. 25 N° 6. Equine Influenza Virus—A Neglected, Reemergent Disease Threat. Consulta en línea
EQUINE VETERINARY JOURNAL Rapid detection of equine infectious anaemia virus nucleic acid by insulated isothermal RT-PCR assay to aid diagnosis under field conditions.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGYBiological activities and chemical composition of Pistacia lentiscus in controlling Fusarium wilt and root-knot nematode disease complex on tomato.Detecting Spiroplasma citri: a comparison of PCR methods to be used for quarantine diagnostics.Occurrence of the complete cycle of Puccinia sorghi Schw. in Argentina and implications on the common corn rust epidemiology.
FOOD CONTROL N° 106. Evaluation of an ELISA-based visualization microarray chip technique for the detection of veterinary antibiotics in milk.
FOOD CHEMISTRY N° 294. Rapid identification of “mad honey” from Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f. and Macleaya cordata (Willd) R. Br using UHPLC/Q-TOF-MS.

FOOD CHEMISTRY N° 295. Label free aptasensor for ultrasensitive detection of tobramycin residue in pasteurized cow’s milk based on resonance scattering spectra and nanogold catalytic amplification.Screening pesticide residues on fruit peels using portable Raman spectrometer combined with adhesive tape sampling.
FOOD CHEMISTRY N° 297. Development and validation of a method for the analysis of pyrethroid residues in fish using GC–MS
FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Vol. 39 N° 2. Development and characterization of an immunoaffinity column for the detection of danofloxacin residues in milk samples. Consulta en línea
JOURNAL OF APPLIED ENTOMOLOGYSecondary hosts of the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama: Survivorship and preference.
JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A N° 1598. Development of a high performance thin layer chromatography method for the rapid qualification and quantification of phenolic compounds and abscisic acid in honeys.
JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A N° 1600. Graphene/multi-walled carbon nanotubes as an adsorbent for pipette-tip solid-phase extraction for the determination of 17β-estradiol in milk products.
JOURNAL OF GENERAL PLANT PATHOLOGY N° 85. Emergence of apple bacterial quick decline caused by Dickeya dadantii in Japan.
JOURNAL OF INSECT PHISIOLOGY N° 117. Reproductive performance among color morphs of Diaphorina citri Kuwayama, vector of citrus greening pathogens.
JOURNAL OF PEST SCIENCE. Botanical insecticide and natural enemies: a potential combination for pest management against Tuta absoluta.Electropenetrography of spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) on pesticide‑treated strawberry.Geographic variation of host preference by the invasive tomato leaf miner Tuta absoluta: implications for host range expansion.Host plant preferences and detection of host plant volatiles of the migrating psyllid species Cacopsylla pruni, the vector of European Stone Fruit Yellows.
JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE N° 99. Development of a multicomponent immunochromatographic test system for the detection of fluoroquinolone and amphenicol antibiotics in dairy products.Preparation of magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers for the rapid detection of diethylstilbestrol in milk samples.
JOURNAL OF VETERINARY SCIENCE Vol. 20 N° 3. Needleless intradermal vaccination for foot-and-mouth disease induced granuloma-free effective protection in pigs. Consulta en línea
LA ALIMENTACION LATINOAMERICANA Año 51 N° 342. La peste porcina africana se extiende en China y el sudeste asiático.Salmonella en la producción avícola de carne en la argentina.Efecto antimicrobiano del aceite esencial del estragón (artemisia dracunculus) adicionado en bebidas lácteas.
MARGENES AGROPECUARIOS Año 34 N° 408. Soja, maíz y trigo/soja en campos arrendados 2019/20.Oferta y demanda mundial de granos 2019/20.Costo de control de malezas resistentes en trigo.El valor de la tierra en Santa Fe.
MICROBIAL PATHOGENESIS. Potential efficiency of conventional and advanced approaches used to detect Mycobacterium bovis in cattle.The risk of aerotolerant Campylobacter jejuni strains in poultry meat distribution and storage.
REVISTA ARGENTINA DE MICROBIOLOGIA Vol. 51 N° 2 Silver nanoparticles from Justicia spicigera and their antimicrobial potentialities in the biocontrol of foodborne bacteria and phytopathogenic fungi Nanopartículas de plata de Justicia spicigera y sus potencialidades antimicrobianas en el control biológico de bacterias transmitidas por alimentos y hongos fitopatógenos. Consulta en línea

REVISTA DE LA FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS AGRARIAS – UNCUYO 51 N° 1. Genetic diversity and pathogenicity on root seedlings from three soybean cultivars of Fusarium graminearum isolated from maize crop residues.Salicylic acid and Bacillus subtilis as control of early blight (Alternaria solani) in tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum). Consulta en línea
REVISTA DE PROTECCION VEGETAL Vol. 34 N° 1. Eficacia de dos biofungicidas para el manejo en campo del Tizón temprano (Alternaria solani Sorauer) de la papa (Solanum tuberosum L.)Potencialidades de aceites esenciales de especies de tres familias botánicas para el manejo de Bemisia tabaci Biotipo B. Consulta en línea
REVISTA SCIENCE Vol. 364 N° 6442. Jury verdicts cloud future of popular herbicide. Fears of health risks and resistant weeds spur search for glyphosate alternatives.
REVISTA VETERINARIA Vol. 30 N° 1. Universidad Nacional del NordesteDirect fluorescent antibody test and bacteriological culture for detection of Brucella suis in swine tissues. Consulta en línea
SCIENTIA AGRICOLA Vol. 76 N° 6. Interactions of adjuvants on adhesion and germination of Isaria fumosorosea on adults of Diaphorina Citri.Determination of methanol residues in crude glycerol for animal feed by gas chromatography. Consulta en línea
TALANTA 204Analysis of pesticide residues in honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) and in corbicular pollen. Exposure in citrus orchard with an integrated pest management system.
TRANSBOUNDARY AND EMERGING DISEASES 66. A new wave of Seneca Valley virus outbreaks in Brazil.Opportunities for enhanced surveillance of foot-and-Mouth disease in endemic settings using milk samples.
VETERINARIA ARGENTINA Vol. 36 N° 374.  Situación del carbunclo rural en la Argentina 2018. Consulta en línea

VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY N° 234. Evaluation of novel inactivated vaccine for type C foot-and-mouth disease in cattle and pigs.
VETERINARY RESEARCH Transmission studies of chronic wasting disease to transgenic mice overexpressing human prion protein using the RT-QuIC assay.Mycobacterium tuberculosis extra cellular vesicle-associated lipoprotein LpqH as a potential biomarker to distinguish paratuberculosis infection or vaccination from tuberculosis infection Consulta en línea
 Jay Shankar Sing; DP Singh (2019)
New and future developments in microbial biotechnology and bioengineering. Microbial biotechnology in agro-environmental sustainability. Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Gutierrez, Susana; Cúndom, María A. (2013)
Guía para la identificación de enfermedades del cultivo del arroz (Oryza sativa L.) en la provincia de Corrientes. Corrientes: Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste.